Clicker Training DVD

Effective Clicker Training Videos and secrets

Using Clicker training is a very effective method that you can use training your dog or puppy kindly. Clicker Train a puppy forms new behaviors and change unacceptable behaviors for puppies and adult dogs leveraging positive reinforcement. Clicker training needs lots of patience and consistency just like any other dog obedience teaching methods such as house training, potty training and crate training. Clicker training is one of the easiest methods of any pet teaching methods. After you master this obedience basics, you can use the clicker to do agility training or leash training or any other training for your dog where you feel it’s appropriate. You can leverage these skills to easily teach cool dog tricks quicker than you ever imagined.

What’s A Clicker And How To Start Clicker Training?

Clicker is a little plastic, produces a recognizable voice when it’s clicked or pressed. Your dog cannot focus if you try to train your dog all day long. Keep your clicker training short just like any other dog training sessions. After learning a behavior truly then you can start to use the dog obedience training command. This part may seem a little hard for beginners to not to use the dog training commands immediately but you will get used to it after seeing the results and what your dog achieved. The most recommended method of learning clicker training methods are watching videos of expert dog instructors on TV and follow their steps and recommendations. We are a strong believer of using clicker training dvd video programs since the essentials and timing of using a clicker correctly is not very well understood easily in the industry. It takes a lot of practice with your puppy and anchoring the positive association to a clicker.

How To Teach Your Dog Obedience Commands Using A Clicker And A Treat?

You should first help your dog to connect a clicker, good behavior and treat. The essense of clicker training is associating good things with a clicker in your dog’s mind. Beginners can start clicker training with a click and praise or give a dog treat, click and give a dog treat to your dog. When you use clicker, if your dog starts to look for a treat, this means your dog is ready for the next step.

Teaching your dog with a clicker is very easy. Start with what your dog knows the best. For example if your dog knows how to sit, when your dog sits use the clicker and give a treat. After couple times your dog realizes that sitting is bringing the click and a dog treat. When your dog has a positive behavior, reward it with a click and with a delicious and natural dog treats. Your dog is going to potty the right time, keeping paws down when guests come or walking properly with you, your dog earns a click and then a treat.

Your dog will takes small steps towards a good behavior earns a click and then a treat. Even for one good step gets a click. Eventually your dog starts to understand and associate that click is a wonderful thing. This is how you connect your dog with the sound of a clicker. Keeping clicking time longer makes your dog do that good behavior longer enough to get the click. If your dog starts sitting and give your dog little longer time and use clicker little later, you will see that your dog keeps the position. Gradually extend the sitting time. As simple as that.

The exact timing of the clicker is very important; you should click during the desired behavior. After clicking you can give the treat anytime. Clicker marks a positive behavior of your dog. Click means end of the positive behavior and it is faster and easier than using words. One of the reasons that clicker works great for training is it’s very simple to use and produces the same consistant feedback to your dog or puppy everytime. Clicker training videos and dvds can be used for advanced dog obedience training sessions as well when you and your dog mastered the basic dog obedience training commands. It takes a little time, patience and requires lots of love. This dog clicker training method is a oftenly used by dog trainers and works on all dog types and breeds. It’s not dependent on dog age, size or breed. Feel free to watch the expert from the videos available on puppy clicker training at home and how to use clickers effectively.