Crate Training DVD

Dog Crate Training Videos and DVDs

Crate training is one of the easiest dog obedience training tools. Crate training is not a punishment. Crate has to be a place that your dog enjoys spending time. Make your dog or puppy comfortable in a crate by giving some little dog toys to keep your dog busy and make it your dog’s own little place. Help your dog associate dog crate training with positive feelings.

Some people feels like putting your puppy or dog in a crate is very mean even for a little time. Correct Dog Crate Training will help you and your dog with a lot of dog training aspects.

  • When you are training your dog, you can use crate for dog potty training videos and dvds.
  • When your dog needs some relaxation, you can take your dog to crate.
  • When you are not at home or busy, Dog Crates keep your dog out of trouble.

Always encourage your dog to go to the crate. You can point the inside of the crate if your dog understands movements more than words. You can use different commands like Crate, Go home, Kennel, Den. Whichever you want to choose always make it a happy moment for your dog to go to the crate.

Using washable bedding in a crate might be a good idea for comforting your dog or puppy.

What To Do If Your Dog Does Not Want To Get Inside The Crate?

When you bring the crater at home, your dog may not want to go inside immediately. Be patient, it may take couple days for your dog get used to the crate. Put some toys, treats inside the crate to see if your dog gets in. Never force your dog to get inside. Keep your voice always lovely. When your dog gets inside the crate, praise your dog. If your dog, puppy starts whining or barking to be released, wait till your dog stops this behavior. After your dog calms down then let your dog out.

How Long Can You Keep Your Dog In Crate?

When your dog gets inside the crate, praise your dog, leave your dog for couple minutes, go to other room and come back, gradually make the time longer. Do not leave your adult dog in a crate more than nine hours. You should use your dog crate for short periods of time.

When Can I Stop Using Crate?

You want to leave your dog in the house; you make sure that your dog has been house trained 100%. You may have other problems chewing, barking and separation anxiety. Keep using the crate for help your dog. You can stop crate when you feel that your dog is mature enough not to go to a potty in the house, understands the house rules, not chewing the furniture or put itself in a dangerous situation.