Dog Breeders

How to choose the best Dog Breeders for your dog or puppy?

You are ready to own a dog. You are ready to take care of your dog, you have time for dog walking, grooming, choose dog food, dog treats, learn and teach obedience training to your dog. You are ready to give lots of love. You looked at all the rescue places and decided to get a dog from a dog breeder. You can search dog for sale and puppies for sale on the web. There is one more thing important left which is how to choose a dog breeder.

Choose a dog breeder who sees their puppies as part of their family, keep them in their house, feed their dogs with premium dog foods and have well maintained areas for them.

There are a lot of different dog breeders out there with puppies. Most good breeders do not have puppies all the time and not give their puppies that come their way with money. Most of good breeders look at your lifestyle, they even have interviews. What it really means to you is they care about their puppies and it is a wonderful thing. That is what you are exactly looking for.

First Visit To Dog Breeder

All your family should meet with your puppy, puppy’s mother and father couple times is a great idea. Experience how your puppy acts with your family and how your all family loves the puppy. Your dog is going to be with you 10 to 15 years depends on a breed. You should spend as much as times with your puppy before make your decision.

Testimonials On Your Dog Breeder

Ask breeder if they can give you testimonials, pictures or contact information to families who get their dogs from them. If the breeder is a good one, they do not mind. They would love you to show all the feedbacks. Do not hesitate to ask.

Dog Veterinary Records

Good breeders should have proper veterinary records for all their dogs. Before getting your puppy looking at mother and father’s veterinary record might help in the future reference.

Dog Breeder Contracts

You should always ask a breeder if they have health guarantee with a written contract. Most good dog breeders explain you immediately. There might be couple contracts that breeder want it from you, too. In anytime in dog’s life if you cannot take care of the dog or if your lifestyle changes, they may want you to bring the dog back. If you are not planning to have a show dog, they may want you to spay, neuter your dog.

Dog Breeder Support

Always look at breeders who can give you training support and help in the future. When you have questions about how to feed or obedience training you can always go back them as a reference. It is always good to know that you will get support in anyway.

Good breeders mostly involved with local, state and national clubs that you may want to review. It helps you to understand that they are serious about this specific breed and knows breed standards. Most good breeders prefer only breed one or maximum two breeds.

Take your time, the breeder at least couple of times, ask local veterinary and local clubs about the reputation of the dog breeder. Learn as much as you can about your breeder.

Dog breeders are always a great resource and one of the best ways of finding great dogs and puppies for sale. Some of the most common breeds requested from dog breeders are: Maltese puppies, shih tzu, english bulldogs, shitzu, yorkie, cockapoo, german shephard, labrador, labrodoodle puppies.