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Dog crates help you and your dog to build better relationship and mutual understanding. When you understand that putting your dog in a crate is not mean or not hurt your dogs feeling you feel much better. Your dog also needs a quiet and calm place to go when your dog needs it. As a good dog owner you should give this place to your dog. Using a dog crate also assists more sucessful potty training.

What Is The Right Size Of A Dog Crate?

Size of your dog’s crate is very important. Some people buy bigger dog crates to think that their dog will get bigger when they grow up. Bigger crates cause problems to you and your dog. Crate should be small enough for your dog to stand up and turn around, and lie down. If the crate is big, your dog will sleep in one part and go to a potty in other side. Dog crates have to be right size for your dog or puppy.

Plastic Dog Crates

Plastic crates come with two pieces and a wire door. Most of them have handles on top of the crate. Plastic crates are lighter and easy to carry. Plastic crates are easier to clean. If your dog, puppy tries to chew it, crate does not hurt your dog, puppy. Most plastic dog crates have holes on it for enough air flow so you do not have to worry about air flow.

In most plastic crates you cannot see your dog from every angle but sometimes this is a good thing for your dog. Plastic crates make a great place for your dog that your dog can calm down safely, sleep and feel secure.

Wired Dog Crates

Wired crates are mostly open, you can see your dog from every angle and your dog can see you, too. When you are buying a wired crate, you have to be careful about the space between wires, if this space is too big your dog can reach around the crate with paws. It might cause injury to your dog. Wired crate bottom can be easily taken out to clean. Wire crates have very sharp corners, it might cause an injury to your dog or if you have small kids in your family.

Some people use a blanket on wired crate to have cozy place for their dogs and some people use a cardboard to close around the wired crate. You can choose any of them, which ever works for you and your dog needs.

Remember every breed has different needs. While choosing a crate to your dog, think about your dogs needs.

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