Dog Health

You love your dog, your dog is one of your family members. You want your dog to be healthy. Veterinary care is very important for your dog’s overall health. You should find a veterinary that you can trust. Routine Dog Health check is generally twice a year but if you own a puppy or an older dog, you may need take him or her to the veterinary more often. If you know your dog breed, you can also check your dog breed specific dog health problems to learn more. You can reach your veterinary easily. Finding a vet close to where you live might be helpful. Ask your vet staff about common dog health symptoms specific to your dog breed.

Dogs age faster than humans. Having your dog’s health checked by routine examination is very essential. If you see any negative health symptoms or feel that something is wrong with your dog’s regular behavior you should go to veterinary quickly.

Your dog should get routine exercise which frequency depends on dog breed. If your dog gets enough exercise, you and your dog feel better. You will see tremendous improvement on your dog’s behavioral problems like chewing, digging or barking. Your dog won’t have any weight management problems anymore.

Check your dog urinary once in a while if your dog has any bleeding or any abnormal signs. This is not something pleasant to do but it prevents bigger dog health problems.

Eating healthy food and regular exercise helps to prevent a lot of dog diseases. Always choose a healthy dog food from a well known dog food company. Your dog’s coat, skin, energy level and weight can be affected by your dog food. When giving a different food to your dog than your dog used to get, you might see changes on your dog’s coat, skin, energy level and weight. Gradually change your dog food unless recommended by your veterinary.

Every dog needs dog grooming. Dog grooming does not mean just your dog’s hair. Dog grooming includes dog hair brushing, cutting, having a bath, dog ears cleaning and nail cutting. Your dog has dental needs just like humans. Brushing your dog’s teeth, using oral rinses and feed dental dog treats help your dog to have healthy teeth. Some dogs do not want you to touch their gums. If you start touching their gums in early ages, they get used to it. Just touch your dog’s gum with your hands, check their gum color and teeth regularly.

Getting a dog health insurance might be good idea for your dog’s health and can save you a lot of money. When getting a dog health insurance make sure that your insurance covers surgeries. Your dog is very important for you. Help your dog to be healthy with your dog food, dog treats, dog walking and exercise and veterinary visits, checking your dog’s teeth, ear and hair regularly.

Your dog cannot say what is wrong with him so you have to keep your eyes on all the positive and negative behaviors and be proactive before serious dog health issues arise.