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Dog Obedience Training Videos And DVDS Dog Training Tips

Dog Obedience Training is very important to build a respectable relationship with your dog or puppy. Dog Obedience training is essential of solving a lot of common dog problems. Your dog will learn what to do, when to do and where what this really means to you is you feel confident at home and in other public places because you will have the voice control of your dog. Obedience training is a great concept, and you think you are beginning to gain the understanding of your ability to help your dog, are you not? Just stop and start to begin obedience dog training sessions that will help you to enjoy more quality time with your dog.

There are a lot of different dog obedience training methods that cover all different dog training styles. Choose wisely, think about your dog’s interest and your dog’s needs. Also research the ones which are effective for your dog breed, size and age.

Positive dog obedience training method is one of the most commonly used techniques by expert dog trainers and the most recommend one. Timing and precision is very important with this technique. Dog Treat, toy, reward has to be given just right after the successful obedience command is accomplished. If the reward gets late, your dog will forget why he or she got the reward for. Reward has to be immediate after the praise.

When your dog learned and mastered any Dog Obedience command than add distractions and train your dog for the same dog obedience command with distractions in different settings. If you are living with kids, get them involve with this process as well. Always keep your dog in safe and fenced areas at the beginning of dog obedience commands training. After learning the dog obedience basics well, you do not have to give reward every time to your dog but always praise your dog for success, this will make build your relationship even stronger.

Basic Dog Obedience Training commands that you might want to consider can be listed as:

  • Sit
  • Come
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Leave It

Use this obedience command before going out for a walk or potty, giving dog food, dog treats or toy, starting an obedience session or when stranger wants to pet or guests come to your house. It is very easy to train your dog for this basic obedience command. Get a reward, toy or food; take your dog next to you in a calm indoor place without any distractions preferably alone. Show your dog the reward, make the reward close to your dog’s nose and take your reward to backward from your dog’s nose to over head. Your dog will naturally sits, and then you give the command ‘sit’, praise your dog and finally give the dog treat as a reward. Keeping your dog treat or toy close to your dog’s nose to prevent your dog jumping on the dog treat or your hand. Repeat this basic dog obedience training exercise as often as you can.

Come is one of the most important Dog Obedience commands. This command keeps your dog safe and prevents potentially dangerous situations. Take your dog to calm place inside without any distractions and Say ‘come’, ‘come here’, or your dog’s name in a nice, confident tone. You have to use always same dog obedience command to get the same behavior. Using Come down can confuse your dog in the future, ‘down’ is a different command for your dog. You can make some movements to have your dog’s attention like clapping your hands or tapping to your knees. When your dog comes to you, praise immediately and give the reward. If your dog is not paying attention to you and not coming then get help from the leash and encourage him. Always finish your dog’s positive behaviour with a praise and a reward.

Make your dog feel positive when you say ‘come’ or your dog’s name. If you know that your dog does not want to do something then do not call your dog, go and get him.

Stay is another important dog obedience training command that your dog has to respond well. ‘Stay’ Dog obedience command mostly helps you when you are in public or have company at home. Tell your dog to ‘Sit’, praise your dog then say your dog to ‘stay’ with a movement of stop for couple seconds, praise your dog and give a reward. After praising and giving reward make your dog to move with ‘release’ or ‘ok’ command. Repeat this process three to four times in a day. Gradually extend the staying time. Once you feel that your dog is responding 90% well to this command then add distractions in different settings.

Down obedience training command keeps your dog lie down position. When your dog gets very excited or frustrated this command may help your dog to calm down. Show your dog that you have a reward in your hand. Start moving the reward slowly to his nose then to the floor, when your dog gets in the position of lie down then say clearly ‘down’, praise your dog and give the reward. Repeat this exercise couple times every day.

If your dog does not lie down at the first try, just repeat this dog obedience training exercise calmly.

Leave it 
‘Leave it’ might be very helpful in a lot of cases. Imagine, while your dog is inspecting harmful things or your favorite things that you do not want your dog to touch, you say leave it and your dog leaves it immediately. Training your dog for this command might be challenging than others. Put your hand a dog treat, close your hand next to your dog, and give the dog obedience training command to your dog ‘Leave it’. Your dog tries to get the dog treat with paws or might lick but do not open your hand and do not repeat this dog training command again. Your Dog eventually stop. Then praise your dog and give the dog treat. Repeat this five to six times. Second dog training method is while your dog is playing with a favorite toy; throw a new toy around. When your dog pays attention to new toy, give the obedience command ‘leave it’ and gently keep your dog away from the new toy. If your dog responds to your dog obedience command, praise your dog and give a reward.

When you feel that your dog is ready for Advanced Dog Obedience training sessions, use same dog obedience commands but increase your distance to your dog, gradually you may go to another room and give the obedience command to your dog. Repeat same commands in different circumstances. Also you can teach these command using the hand gestures, this will be very helpful and useful in public areas.

Training your dog is very exciting and bonding journey, Enjoy this process and the results of your dedication and time.