How to Train the Sit Command

Training Dog with “Sit” Commands

Don’t rush in your training.

It is often said that “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” and Dog Training in Ireland has always been hard. I think that is why people tend to be in a hurry to teach tricks to their dogs. This can be counterproductive because if you are working with a young puppy, they haven’t had time to develop their understanding to the point where they are ready to learn tricks. However, if you are patient, you will find that you can help your dog to get the hang of tricks, but you need to make sure that you start with the basics.

What is so important about sit anyway?

If you are working with a new dog, you need to help them understand when it is alright to act as well as when it is time to wait. Sitting is the main way to let your dog know that it is time to wait. In order to move forward to the next steps so that you can move on to other commands like “Come” and “Stay.” Without the foundation, you won’t be able to move ahead.

How do we get to sit?

Start by making sure that you have a good supply of treats handy for your puppy in case you need some extra motivation. Start by letting your dog know that you have treats available so they know that they can have one if they get it right. Remember that a new dog won’t understand what you want, so you may need to help them get in the right position at first. The first few times, you will want to be ready to give the treat as soon as they are in the right position, but once they have the basic idea, you will want to make them wait a bit to make sure that they have it.

Are we ready to move ahead now?

Although you may be able to get your dog to sit, you will want to make sure that you can reach the point where you don’t have to carry around a bag of treats just to get them to sit. It will take a lot of practice and repetition, but it will be worth it the next time that your puppy decides to start jumping on one of your visitors. Besides, once your dog understands sit, they will be ready to try some new tricks.