Dog Treats Types Dogs Treat Selection Tips

Dog treats might be very useful for dog obedience training sessions and can be easily used to traing your dog or puppy using positive reinforcement. Dog food treats are great motivational tool for some of the dog breeds. Some dog breeds will do anything for a little dog treat. Some of them will prefer toys instead.

Dog treat is basicly a delicious snack for dogs; you should look at your dog treats ingredients. If you can, you should prefer to use organic, homemade, gourmet and natural dog treats and biscuits. Some of them are shaped as small dog bones or sticks. If your dog treat has a lot of calories you should reduce these calories from daily intake of the dog food. Otherwise your dog may gain weight very rapidly and this itself will cause serious health issues for small dog breeds. As you know, the calorie intake will vary very much between a small dog and a large dog breed due to physical characteristics and exercise requirements.

If you are thinking about using human food as a snack be careful not to give them any chocolate, sugar, white flour or sweat fruits sich as grapes or raisens. Always consult with your veterinary regarding your dog treats and dog food. Most of the time human food is not a good idea for dogs and other pets. Dogs have different nutritional needs than humans.

There are mainly Three types of Dog Treats:

  • Crunchy Dog Treats
  • Soft Dog Treats
  • Salty Dog Treats.

Every dog has different choice on their dog treats taste. The best way is to try and see how your dog will going to react to it. If your dog loves the dog treat you can easily understand from licking the lips or getting excited every time they see the treat. If your dog does not like the dog treat you gave, your dog won’t even eat it. So you will understand this very easily and naturally. You can try different types available at your dog supply stores. If you prefer to make homemade dog biscuits, you can search great natural dog treat recipes you can do very quickly cost effectively.

There are also various flavors of real meat treats, all natural dog treats, dog training treats, gourmet dog treats, puppy treats and dog dental treats for healthier teeths for your dog.

Soft dog treats can be used as an effective coverage for dog medicine. You can hide dog medicine into the soft dog treats. This might be a good idea and hopefully your dog does not figure it out.

Crunchy dog treats are great helper for dental cleaning. While eating crunchy treat your dog will have healthier and whiter teeth at the same time.

Remember to consult with your vet for the proper dog treats best suited for your dog breed, size, age and health conditions. You can learn a lot of tips and secrets on this website about how to leverage a delicious dog treat as a key motivator to train your dog or puppy fast and efficiently.

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