Dog Walking Dog Exercise Training

Dog Walking is a great exercise for your dog and you. You build a bonding relationship and spend quality time with your dog while doing an exercise essential for dog health.

While walking with your dog, your dog has to feel that you are in charge. Your dog has to feel that you are the pack leader. You should start dog walking training when your dog is young. Always start with small walks, gradually make your walks longer.

Put your shoulders up, walk with confidence and make your dog feel that you are the leader. Dog walking session should start from exiting the house door. Make your dog sit in front of the door, put the collar and leash on your dog. You have to leave before your dog leaves the house. Remember you are the leader, you should decide when to leave and when to start walking. Your dog should be next to you or behind you. Never allow your dog in front of you. If your dog passes you, stop your dog, give a command to sit and then you start walking. This way your dog understands that you are the leader.

Rock Star Style Dog Walking
If your dog is pulling you around, you should train your dog with the dog obedience training command of ‘heel’. Training your dog with heel obedience command is very helpful for you during dog walking. During your dog walkingsession, make your dog ‘sit’, show your dog treat, start walking just for two three steps, if your dog heel praise your dog and give the dog treat. Repeat this exercise every time you go for a walk. Gradually increase your steps.

When you stop, your dog can sit, stay or lie down, whichever you prefer. The only thing you have to make the decision and every family member has to use the same rules and commands for your dog. If everyone use different commands for same action, your dog get confused and obedience training takes more time it is supposed to.

During dog walking you should decide on when to sniff, when to pee, or when to sit. Your dog has to follow you no matter what you decide. Give your dog a moment when the sniffing or potty is ok.

Every dog needs to walk everyday big or small dogs, puppies or old dogs. Dog walking is very important for them to communicate with you and socialize with other dogs and people. It helps your dogs mentally and physically. If your dog does not get enough exercise, your dog might have behavioral problems like chewing, digging, barking and over excitements.

Every dog and person have different walking pace, start with a slow pace and gradually increase your pace.

If your dog has physically problems please consult with your veterinary regarding dog walking sessions.

Unfortunately you cannot take your dog everywhere with you. Always do your dog walking proper areas, dog parks and some pet stores. Respect other people who might scare from dogs. If sidewalk is too crowded take your dog to calm side. Your dog might be very calm in the crowd but there might be another pet that not very stable. Be careful not to put anybody in a dangerous situation.