Grow Tents for Plants and Dogs

Grow Tents for Plants and Dogs

Interestingly, some of us gardeners are also pet lovers – something about nature makes us tick. However, cats and dogs are the curious lots. They see you tending to the plants and can’t figure out what you are up to. Are you marking your territory? Have you found some bone under the soil? – These things aren’t so clear to Bosco and you can find out here…

The dogs or cats may want to investigate what is inside that garden that grabs your attention so much. Besides, it may also seem like an ideal spot for hunting or hiding stuff.

Why having your Pets around your Plants is a bad Idea.

Little pussycat loves somewhere with soil, and a little concealed to poop or urinate. Some of us may not see anything wrong with that as long as they are not destroying the crops. But it is not really a good idea to have them around your plants.

For starters, poop is apparently not the best manure for your beloved marijuana plant or tomato. But, why not? Well, this poop may contain parasites that can destroy your very plants. Their urine is also too concentrated that it easily burns your plant.

The constant visits that the dog makes to the plant may bring parasites and bugs that your plants may not like – such as the spider mites and aphids. This means that they can unknowingly contribute to the destruction of your whole plant.

Besides, dogs are the playful lot. They don’t differentiate between an ideal place to play and where not to. Their tail wagging and jumping around can bring down a plant or two. Their digging sprees can uproot that flower that you have worked so hard to maintain and impress your visitors.

Well, we can’t just choose between our plants and pets – they are both essential to us. But there are ways you can keep Bosco out of the garden – finally, some hope.

Why Grow Tents are Ideal for Both your Plants and Keeping the Dog out

Having a grow tent is the best decision you can make for both your pet and plant. So how is this so?

For starters, a grow tent provides an ideal environment for your plants regardless of the weather or season, and you know what that means. Yes! Some bountiful harvest all year round!

But where does your pet come in, in the whole picture?

Grow tents are enclosures that come with zippers to keep everything out that should be out and everything in that should be in. In other words, grow tents not only create an ideal cultivation environment, but they also help keep pests, bugs and of course pets out.

And if you also have a toddler around, the tent will keep them away from the plants – they can’t reach the zipper which is high up.

But are there other ways of keeping the pets off your plant?

Sprinkling some pepper around the plants will make Tommy Cat avoid the plant section – but pepper will also keep bugs out, which is also a good thing.

Alternatively, you can also train your pet to avoid the garden.