Potty Train DVD

Easy Potty Training Tips – House Training Dvds

Believe in yourself that you can house train a puppy or potty train your dog easily at home with effective puppy house training dvds and videos. House Training is an effective type of pet training and not harder than other commonly used dog training methods today. It just takes little more time, watching your dog more carefully, learning from the training video demonstrations from expert dog instructors and whisperers, following their steps, tips and recommnedations. When taking your dog outside every time please try to understand and pay attention to your dog’s needs. When you understand your dog behaviors and reasons behind them, it will get easier for you and your puppy dog. You do not have to be a professional dog trainer to teach potty training. All you need is a good obedience training or puppy potty training video dvd with easy to follow steps.

Keeping an Open communication with your dog will help you and your puppy a lot. Watch your dogs typical reflex when your dog needs to go out and immediately take your dog out. Using the same door to go out, same place to go to potty and same house training command will improve your dogs understanding that it is the time to go potty. If you minimize the variables, you can clear out any confusion from your puppy’s mind.

We recommend at least to review the crate training and dog obedience basics sections first since using a dog crate will reduce the time to house train a puppy or dog at home, and reduce occurances of common problems such as biting, chewing, barking, jumping and aggression issues in the house or in public areas. If you do not have time to read or you prefer to learn from the dog training experts by simply watching from the comfort of your home, simply order a housebreaking dvd video or potty training dvd video and you will be great to go. Not only you but also your puppy dog will appreciate your better understanding and tips you mastered from the obedience dvd videos.

Best House Training Commands To Use

Most commonly used effective puppy training comands to use are listed below for your convenience:

  • get busy
  • go bathroom
  • it is the time
  • go potty

You can choose any command you want to use, just be careful not to use a command that you and your family use at home all the time to eliminate any future accidents at home or in the car. If your dog, puppy hears it in another place your dog may go to a potty right there and believes that he or she did a great job.

Some dogs drink more water than they need when they get bored. You can keep your dog busy with exercise, play fetch and small games to prevent this. Give just enough water to your dog and take your dog outside as needed. This is a very important factor in house training a puppy fast.

What To Do If Your Dog Has Accidents?

During home training your dog may have accidents and we know it will, clean the accident areas quickly with enzymatic odor remover. If you clean the accidents with regular soap, you may not smell it but your dog will easily smell and think that it is ok to do potty there. Do not give your dog a reason to go potty in the house. Help your dog to choose the right place. If your dog has an accident at home, house training should start from the beginning.

How Long Should I Wait For Potty?

When you take your dog out, give your dog 10 minutes to go potty and if your dog do not go potty, do not wait more, get your dog inside. Wait for 10 minutes and take your dog outside again. If you wait long time outside, your dog may lose the focus that why your dog is outside and will not go potty. Waiting for a long amount of time outside waiting for your puppy will not help you much during the training.

How Crates Help Potty Training Your Dog?

Dog Crates help your dog’s potty training as well. Remember to learn more on Crate Training DVDs and Videos to improve your training effectiveness. If you leave your dog in a large bedroom probably your puppy, dog does not mind going to bathroom in the corner but dogs are like humans, they do not want to go bathroom if the place is small enough for them, like a right size crate. If your puppy is sick or could not hold bladder any more, poor dog might have an accident even in the dog crate.