How To Find The Best Online Dog Training Programs

Training a dog requires a lot of motivation and perseverance, as well as solid knowledge of what to do to make your furry friend learn and obey those commands. While you can try to use your logic and your common sense to teach your dog to do various things, you should probably consider finding a good training program. Learning from experts is always a good idea, because you can make use of their skills and experience to save time and to achieve your goals with less effort.

The only problem is that dog training programs are usually expensive. If you can’t afford a good one in your city, or if you don’t have the time to take your dog to the course venue a few times a week, you can search for the best online training programs. Some of them offer you all the information you need to teach your dog the basic commands, and even more advanced ones.

Try The Training System First

You can start by using your favorite search engine to see what kind of programs you can find. This research shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. However, you’ll need to study all these programs carefully, in order to be able to make the best choice right off the bat. Most trainers will offer an in-depth preview of their programs. This will enable dog owners to decide whether those programs suit their needs, and the age of the dog. You should be aware that training programs for puppies are different than the ones for adult animals. You need to choose a program that’s suitable for the age of your dog. Moreover, you may also want to seek for a training program aimed at a specific dog breed. Sometimes, these programs offer you the most effective tricks that can help you communicate with your dog with ease.

Once you manage to put together a list of programs, you should search for user ratings and reviews. This is the best way to find out how good a dog training program is. By learning from other people’s experience, you can avoid purchasing ineffective materials that are difficult to understand or to apply. You can find such product reviews on third party reviews website, but also in various discussion forums and online groups. Try to find some online communities of dog breeders, and see what these people have to say about various online training programs. Some of them may have direct experience with certain programs you may be interested in buying. By reading their reviews, you’ll learn how effective those training materials are, and how quickly you can expect to turn your dog into a well-behaved friend you can take with you everywhere you go.


Dogs are fast learners. However, they need humans to understand their psychology, and to find the most effective ways of communicating their intentions. If you invest time and effort into this preliminary research, you’ll maximize your odds to find the perfect tools to teach your dog anything you want, without problems.

Offline Dog Training Resources

You don’t have to necessarily look for information online. Many people still like physical books. And when you are out and about, this can be especially handy for a quick lookup. Over the years, a lot of books have been written on dog training. Some became instant classics, others were just a waste of paper.

Most dog training books cover a specific type of training. So you can have a training book for trackers, gun-dogs, police dogs, etc. Or they cover training for a specific type of dog, eg; German Shepherd, Border Collie, Bernese.

If you just want a book about general dog training, you can take a look at a list of best dog training books.

A lot of the principles behind specific training methods also work for other dogs. But you might need to make some small changes to adapt to yours.

Every Dog Is Different

Something that I have learned on the way: No matter how good the training program, you always need to keep observing your dog. Dogs are all unique, just like people. They grew up under different circumstances, and they have different temperaments.

So you want to keep observing your dog, and be critical of the training methods. If you find out something is not working, or making matter worse, don’t keep doing it because some trainer says so. Use your common sense, and the personal knowledge of your dog that only you have.

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