How to Teach Your Dog DOWN Command?

Teaching your dog different commands will help you to improve relationship between you and your dog. Dog training sessions should not be very long because your dog will lose the focus and start playing with you. Keep dog training sessions short and easy for yourself and your dog.

Training your dog with different dog obedience training commands will help your dog to learn easier and faster. After learning couple obedience commands your dog understands that you will give treats and praise after the training and try to learn the commands faster.

Down is one of the basic commands that you train your dog. Your dog has to know sit command before learning down obedience command. Use your dog’s collar, if your dog is sensitive you can use flat collar. One hand on the snap, other hand right behind your dogs back, give your dog a sit command, while your dog sits right and comfortable say down and push your dogs back little bit so that your dog feels the pressure and go down easily. Praise your dog and give a little treat. After repeating the down obedience command everyday 3-4 times your dog will learn it.

Every dog has different learning spans so take your time, train your dog slowly and always be patient to yourself and your dog while having dog obedience training sessions.

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