Names are very important for our lives while having a new name for your dog you want to give the cutest and the best name and has just announced its annual ranking for dog and cat names, and for the fourth repeated year in a row, “Buddy” fetched the top spot as the most popular name for adoptable dogs. For cats, “Lucy” once again purred its way to first place, barely beating “Midnight” for the No. 1 adoptable cat ranking.

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Did your pet’s name make the cut? Here are the lists for 2010:

2010 Top 10 Most Popular Dog Names

  1. Buddy (1019)
  2. Max (822)
  3. Daisy (755)
  4. Bella (716)
  5. Lucy (705)
  6. Jack  (673)
  7. Molly (639)
  8. Charlie (616)
  9. Sadie (594)
  10. Rocky (564)

2010 Top 10 Most Popular Cat Names

  1. Lucy (495)
  2. Midnight (440)
  3. Bella (432)
  4. Molly (419)
  5. Smokey (404)
  6. Tiger (392)
  7. Oreo (386)
  8. Max (378)
  9. Princess (375)
  10. Charlie (374)

And what about those pets named after celebrities? Here are the most popular:

2010 Top 10 Celebrity Pet Names

  1. Elvis (256)
  2. Houdini (117)
  3. Cher (92)
  4. Madonna (62)
  5. Twiggy (61)
  6. Oprah (43)
  7. Lady Gaga (34)
  8. Beyonce (28)
  9. Coco Chanel (24)
  10. Shakira (17)

In a press release, Betsy Banks Saul, the co-founder of, says she looks forward to the annual ranking of names.  While names like “Buddy and Max will probably always be popular,” she says, “It’s always a blast to see just how creative people get when naming their pets.”

And those celebrity names? “We often hear that adoptable pets get more attention on both and in the shelter when they have interesting names,” she adds.  “Therefore, for many reasons, we encourage as much creativity as possible!”

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