Small Dog Breeds – Toy Dogs

Small dogs are just like big dogs, they need same amount of love, patience and attention. If you have a small yard or an apartment you may consider a small dog in your life. It does not matter where you live a well trained dog can live anywhere with you.

Small dogs are mostly less than 25 pounds or Toy Dog Breeds category. Most of the small dogs don’t need exercise as much as big dog breeds but it depends on small dog’s breed. Small dogs have different personalities and needs than big or medium size dogs so before getting a small dog you should be careful about it. Small dogs are known by being more aggressive, mistrustful, energetic and open-eyed.

There is no difference between training your small dog or big dogs. Some behaviors are not acceptable with bigger dogs but same behaviors might be acceptable even cute with small dogs like jumping on people or sitting on the lap. While training your small dog, you will need patience and consistency more than other dog sizes because of their alert behavior.

Small Dogs might have a problem with focusing to your commands every small dog breed acts differently. If you make your small dog more relaxed and calm, you will have more success while training your small dog. Once you trained your small dog you will a lovely, playful and joyful friend.

If you plan ahead you may take your small dog with you in most places. They are very easy to carry with you if they know how to well behave in public.

Always talk with your veterinary regarding your small dog’s health, diet and grooming needs if you are not familiar with your small dog or familiar with other dog sizes.

Most common small dog breeds can be listed as Pugs, Boston Terriers, Shih Tzu, Papillion, Beagle, Havanese, Chinese Crested and Chihuahua.

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