Teach Me Please – Basic Dog Obedience Training DVD Set

Teach Me Please – Basic Dog Obedience Training DVD Set

Your dog might be misbehaving now and leaving you frustrated and exhausted. We understand your situation. You are not the only one having this type of problems with your dog, but you are the only one who can solve the problems for you and your dog. It is very easy to solve most of your dog problems with the best seller Dog Training Dvd Series.

Teach Me Please Dog Training Dvd series cover the most essential dog training commands, let’s see the details.

Teach Me Please – Basic Obedience Training


Training Package Includes:

  • 60 minute DVD
  • 45 page illustrated Workbook
  • Audio CD
  • Puppy Manual
  • A Pack of Valuable Training Tips on the following topics
  • Training Equipment
  • Housebreaking
  • Personality and Temperament
  • Crate Training
  • Chewing Tips
  • Early Puppy Training
  • Obedience Tips

You can learn more about and purchase the field training dvds for hunting and sport dogs fromĀ Teach Me Please – Field Training Dvd Program

When you master the basics of dog training commands with dog training dvds, you will overcome basic dog obedience problems easily. Unfortunately there is not a magic pill to overcome all the dog training problems immediately but you will learn the basics of how to manage and train your dog. This is more important than any other tricks that you can teach your dog.

A dog that has not received basic dog obedience training will become a problem dog. Your household will be in chaos as he rules the roost. He may tear up your furniture, make messes on the floor, snap food out of your hand instead of taking it gently, dig your yard, bark excessively or jump up your guests and anyone knocks your door. You might begin to receive complaints from neighbors about your dog’s misadventures. At the worst he may become aggressive and bite the hand that feeds him.

Teach me please basic Dog obedience training dvd series created and written by Jean Smith. There are two Dvd series first one is Teach Me Please Basic Obedience Training and Teach Me Please Field Training Dvds.

Very easy to follow lessons, you will discover the right and wrong way of handling the dog training commands. Easy and effective way of training your dog which you will see the results immediately.

You will start dog training from the Basic Obedience training which is the essential dog training for all breeds at all ages.

Your dog will be trained effective, safe and proven methods. Buying dog obedience training DVD will help you to review the commands you are teaching your dog again and again.

You will see the right way of giving the dog training basic commands, how to act when your dog is not listening, the right and wrong ways of training essentials, which collar to use while training, how to use dog toys, how to say basic commands and the signals.

Only minutes a day can accomplish desired results while building bonding and lasting relationship with your dog. Your dog and you deserve the best. Give a chance to you and your dog to live the life you both deserve.

Young puppy listening to music on a head set.

How would it feel if your puppy follows whatever you ask?

Remember best dog and pet training takes place at home easier. We believe every owner should train their own puppy to build a better relationship and prevent common dog problems in the future.

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