Top Most Popular Puppy Names For 2007

Petfinder announced their 2007 the most popular dog names, most popular cat names as well as unusual pet names that yours might made the list this year, check it out. No. 1 names for our country’s 260,000 adoptable pets on in 2007 are Buddy for pooches and Smokey for felines, with traditional pet (and people) names following close behind.

Most Popular Dog Names for 2007

  1. Buddy (712)
  2. Max (552)
  3. Sadie (445)
  4. Jack (428)
  5. Daisy (416)
  6. Lucy (406)
  7. Lady (385)
  8. Charlie (382)
  9. Rocky (369)
  10. Duke (358)

Most Popular Cat Names for 2007

  1. Smokey (291)
  2. Lucy (284)
  3. Angel (265)
  4. Oreo (260)
  5. Midnight (260)
  6. Shadow (260)
  7. Patches (256)
  8. Princess (248)
  9. Tigger (243)
  10. Molly (239)

“Pet parents find special comfort and companionship in their pets that cannot compete with anything else,” said Betsy Saul, co-founder of “The name Buddy shows how dogs are truly ‘man’s best friend,’ while people also love tough, powerful names like Rocky and Duke.”

With names such as Smokey, Midnight, Angel and Princess, the top 10 cat names prove that animal lovers envision their felines as no-less-than-perfect, mysterious creatures. “People put their animals on pedestals,” Saul said. “They put as much thought into naming their pets as they would their children.”

While the most popular names for 2007 remain similar to years past, some individuals decide creativity is the key when naming their animal companions. 2007’s Top 10 Most Unusual Pet Names leave some things to the imagination:

Top 10 Most Unusual Pet Names for 2007

  1. Not Pants
  2. Zhivago
  3. Fat Alice
  4. Barney Google
  5. Cinderella Cookiedough
  6. Ditto Dippin’ Dots
  7. Fizzleboom
  8. Miss booty-q
  9. Bubba Big Foot
  10. Partly Cloudy

Pets are the best companions in the world that give us unconditional love. It does not matter whatever name you give them but the training you provide makes the difference on their lives. Well-mannered trained dogs can find a new home easier than others. Try to give your dogs at least basic dog obedience training that they deserve, they will be thankful to you rest of their lives.

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