Train a Dog to Heel Position FAST and EASY

Training your dog takes patience and time however little tips will help you to train your dog quicker and easier than you think. Let’s start from training your dog to come into the heel position easier.

Heel is the command that you will use while walking with your dog, this command helps your dog to walk at the same pace with you. Your dog should walk next to you calmly. Your dogs never walk in front of you, they always next to you or behind you. Walking in front of you makes your dog believe that you dog is in charge on everything. You should not give this impression to your dog easily.

Training your dog next to a step will help your dog have physical boundary which prevents your dog sitting cricket. If your dog tries to sit cricket your dog fall off from the edge of the step so your dog does not want to fall off as a natural instinct. If you teach your home outside your can use a curb. It does not really matter which physical boundary you prefer to use, you can use a bench. Any kind of physical boundary will determine the difference between good zone and bad zone. For the dog using physical boundary makes the command and sitting properly easy to understand.

Always start training your dog with small portions, instead of working with the dog from 25 feet – 50 feet and then try to do the recall with heel obedience command position at the end of it, work from couple feet at the beginning. Using long distance simply makes your dog loose the focus and wear the dog out faster.  Remember to give your dog nice treats and lots of praise after dog obedience training sessions.

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