Why My Dog is Chewing My Favorite Things?

It is not about chewing your favorite things or desroying the house. Let me ask you this, Have you ever experienced boredom in your life? Have you ever felt that your life is monotony?

Nobody appreciates boredom and monotony, neither does your dog. Unfortunately, many dogs spend major portions of their waking hours being bored out of their minds!
And most of the dog owners don’t even grasp it even a little bit. The problem with dog boredom is that cost you just like as a penalty. When dogs get bored they show their boredom by chewing your favorite shoes, barking your postman while leaving your box nonstop, destroy your most precious little things… I am pretty sure that you experienced this before at least couple times.

You might think that you gave your dog everything, good house, love, dog training classes…Many dog owners think that these behaviors are disobedient, hateful, or even as the preceding signs of aggression.
Unfortunately, these are almost never the reasons for your dog’s actions. Your dog is bored by the same toys every day and night. Your dog is bored without anyone all day long.

If you want to get the most benefit of dog training and crate time, you should learn how to keep your dog busy during the day.

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